CZ P-10 C REVERSE OR CZ P-07 17 RD With +2 Adapter 11423



CZ P-10 C Reverse Or CZ P-07 9mm 17 Round Factory Magazine With +2 Adapter 11423. THE MAGAZINE HOLDS A TOTAL OF 17 ROUNDS. THE CZ P-10 c 15 ROUND MAGAZINE WILL ALSO FIT THE CZ P-07.  

UPC: 806703114231 

Please note CZ now uses the same magazine for the CZ P-07 and CZ P-10 C. The +2 adapter that originally came on the CZ P-07 magazine was a little different than the CZ P-10 C +2 adapter used on these magazines. These work fine but they won't line up with the grip quite as well on the original CZ P-07 +2 adapter. Unfortunately it's the only option now. The original CZ P-07 magazine and CZ P-07 +2 adapter has been discontinued.

One change that happens on both the US-made and Czech-made P-10's is the switch to a swappable magazine release. With a change in geometry, the goal was to eliminate the stiffness some customers experienced as the magazine release broke in, even though it became smooth after some use. This new reversible release just requires a few minutes to swap, allowing the P-10 to remain lefty-friendly. 

  • Model: CZ 11423
  • Manufactured by: CZ

Kevin McDonald
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent fit & function. Glad to have a little extra at the bottom of the grip too. Super fast delivery as usual, thanks!