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Browning HP Power, Girsan MC P35, Springfield SA-35 Wrap Around Finger Groove Grip Hogue 09000



ENTIRE ORDER SHIPS FREE WITH PURCHASE: Hogue 09000 Browning HP rubber wrap around grip with finger grooves.

UPC: 743108090008


The Browning Hi-Power has been made since 1935 it is a high capacity (double stack magazine) pistol. It was the first high capacity pistol to use a staggered double-columned magazine. Its magazine holds 13 rounds of 9mm (Luger or Parabellum) ammunition.
Also known as the Model 1935 the Hi-Power has been one of the most popular semi-auto pistols in the world. It has remained in constant use since its inception by many modern armies such as those in Britain, Canada, and Denmark. It was used extensively by both allied and axis military forces during World War II. Today it remains the standard sidearm for many specialized agencies around the world and also is the choice of arms for millions of civilians.

You use the stock screws to install grip. We also sell replacement screws for the Hi power. They are available both in slotted head and hex head with Black or Silver finish. Look up part numbers below.
Grip screws should be torqued to 13-15 inch lbs. Blue Loctite is suggested on the threads. A quality correct fitting 5/64" hex / Allen or slot driver is a must!

Rubber grips are approximately .195 thousandths of an inch thick on each side. Wood grips are slightly thicker. The Backstrap area is exposed on our grips.


The Hogue grip fits:

Girsan MC P35

Springfield SA-35

Hungarian FEG high power clones.
-9mm only -- 
will not fit the .40 caliber.

The grip does not fit the BDM or BDA models. 

*does not fit P9R model.*

*Will not fit FN Hi-Power 2022 model*

*Some models have a "step" in the grip frame, our grip does NOT fit those models.*

Some models have small safety levers that may be very hard to get to unless the grip is relieved. 

  • Model: 09000
  • Manufactured by: HOGUE

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