1911 Colt, Commander, Officer & clones hex head black 45009


Hogue Extreme 1911 Colt Government, Commander's Model, Officer and clones  hex head black grip screws (4 screws set).

Hogue grip screws have been redesigned and improved and are now Hogue Extreme grip screws. Hogue Extreme grip screws are made from Heat treated 416 Stainless Steel which is much tougher and resistant to damage than conventional screws. Most standard screws including our former quality screws twist off or strip out at a much lower torque than the new Extreme Screws. Make no mistake, the Extreme grip screws are the finest most durable grip screws available.
  • Model: 45009
  • Manufactured by: HOGUE

James Smith
5 of 5 Stars
Something so simple that many people do not even give them a thought. However, once you do think about them, then purchase and install them, you will quickly realize that you never should have waited so long to get these. These replacement hex head grip screws feel and look very sleek. Best of all, they are very durable. I doubt that these will ever strip out but the main thing is the quality feel to them. Trust me, get rid of your OEM slotted grip screws and get these. You will not be disappointed. I have these on my 1911 and both my 92FS pistols.