Sig Sauer P230 & P232 hex head black grip screws 30009


Hogue Extreme Sig Sauer P230 and P232 hex head black grip screw (2 screw set).

-Use a 3/32 allen wrench to install 
-Limit torque to 15 in/lbs.(generally 1/4 turn past stop)
-Recommended to use adhesive style thread locker on threads 

-Hogue grips are designed not to use the stock star washers.
-Model P230 and P232 pistols will accept the same screws. However the head height of a factory P232 screw is thicker to fit flush with the surface of the thicker P232 Sig grip panel. The pistol frames are tapped with the same thread size.
-Grips will interchange on P230 and P232 pistols. However, the thicker heads of factory P232 screws will rise slightly above the surface of Hogue grip.
-P230 screws can be used on a P232 pistol fitted with Hogue grips. Also model P220 screws are the same as P230, it simply has four instead of two screws.
-Blue Loc-Tite liquid thread locker is a good idea.

Hogue grip screws have been redesigned and improved and are now Hogue Extreme grip screws. Hogue Extreme grip screws are made from Heat treated 416 Stainless Steel which is much tougher and resistant to damage than conventional screws. Most standard screws including our former quality screws twist off or strip out at a much lower torque than the new Extreme Screws. Make no mistake, the Extreme grip screws are the finest most durable grip screws available.
  • Model: 30009
  • Manufactured by: HOGUE

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