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Sig Sauer P228, P229 and M11-A1 OverMolded Black Finger Groove Grip Hogue 28000



ENTIRE ORDER SHIPS FREE WITH PURCHASE: Hogue Sig Sauer P228, M11-A1 and P229 OverMolded  black rubber wrap around with finger grooves grip. The grip will fit on both the DA/SA and DAK double action only pistols 28000.





Fits both DA/SA models with decocker lever, AND DAK models without decocker lever and hammer spur.
Note if used on a P229 DAK or double action only (P229 SAS) there will be a groove and gap were the decocker normally would be.
- Fits 9mm, 357SIG or .40 cal pistols
- Will fit the P229 E2. Remove the E2 grips to expose the screw holes. You must purchase grips screws in addition to the new grips. 

Note if used on a P229 DAK there will be a groove and gap were the decocker normally would be.

Do not use the stock star washers UNLESS the screws hit the magazine 
Fits 9mm, .40S&W, and .357 Sig.

If main spring retainer or trigger bar spring gets in the way, causing a gap they need to send back for the new style. Sig has recently revised its pistols with a new style mainspring retainer, and a new style trigger bar spring. Our current grip has been revised to fit the new and old Sigs. 

Hogue rubber grips marked with "rev. C" and wood manufactured after Sept. 2004 will fit on both standard pistols and DAK double action only pistols.

Hogue grips will fit 229 E2, remove E2 grips to expose the screw holes. Must purchase grips screws.
Grip screws should be torqued to 13-15 inch lbs. Blue loctite is suggested on the threads. A quality correct fitting 3/16 hex / Allen or slot driver is a must!

229 SAS is a 229 DA/SA that has been customized at Sig.

Sig model M11-A1 will fit the 228/229 DA/SA grips

Does not fit the New Sig P229 Carry model. The grip frame is different.

Does not fit the new Legion series pistol.





  • Model: 28000
  • Manufactured by: HOGUE

Mike Hiveley
5 of 5 Stars
I'm a right handed shooter but have impaired use in my right hand. I had a Hogue slip-on grip on a 229 that I replaced with this; perfect fit and does just what I want it do. Both Hogue grips add a bit of bulk to the grip (may not be for everyone), but this works perfect for me (medium to large hands). Service from Greg was perfect.