CZ 75B, CZ 85, CZ 75 COMPACT RUBBER MAG BASE PAD 273199000850
[CZ 75 BASE PAD 273199000850]


I got these to replace the base plates on the mags for my SAR K2P. Since the mags for a CZ 75 are reported to fit in the K2P, I figured the base plates for the mags might be interchangeable. The fit was not exact, but all that was needed was to slightly enlarge the hole on this base plate toward the back with a dremel. With this minor adjustment, the base plate fit perfectly. I bought 3 base plates and the adjustments to all 3 took 5 minutes at most. When I ultimately get more mags, I will be getting more of these base plates.
Date Added: 11/23/2015 by Carl Cox