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METRO ARMS 3011 SSD or Para Ordnance P16 S&W .40 S&W or 10mm 16 RD Armscor / ACT-MAG OEMP164015B
[P16B-40-16 Armscor OEMP164015B]


I doubt this review will help anyone else, but I wanted to pass along how this mag worked for me when others would not. I built a one of a kind pistol, a Taurus PT24/7 Pro in 10mm. It was the 45 ACP version, and with some fairly minor work, I was able to convert the 40 caliber slide/barrel to 10mm. The problem I ran into using the OEM 45 ACP mag or even a Mec-Gar P14 mag was fail to feed, especially with JHP ammo.

Doing some research, I found the Armscor 40 cal mag was supposed to work for 10mm for a similar pistol. The price here was better than anywhere else- when you could find one- so I ordered a couple. I was pleasantly surprised how my first mag of 16 JHP rounds fed perfectly. Service here was great, shipping was fast and reasonable. I would definitely buy from Greg Cote LLC again.
Date Added: 04/12/2023 by Paul H.