CZ P-10, CZ P-09, (CZ P- 07 see below) +2 BASE 545900000088



Sorry I don't ship the magazine +2 Adapter to customers with a billing or shipping address in states or jurisdictions that have magazine capacity laws. CZ P-09 or CZ P-10 C, CZ P-10 F FACTORY POLYMER MAGAZINE +2 BASE PAD (comes with the neCEssary l shaped locking plate) 545900000. Also fits the CZ P-07 magazines. It doesn't line up as well with the grip as the original CZ P-07 +2 adapter did. CZ stopped offering those. DOES NOT FIT THE CZ FACTORY FCZ 75B, CZ 75 COMPACT 10 ROUND MAGAZINES OR TACTICAL SPORT MAGAZINES. THE DIMPLE ON THE CZ P-10 C AND CZ 10 F 10 ROUND MAGAZINES PREVENT MORE THAN 10 ROUNDS FROM BEING LOADED. I have also been told they don't work with the cz p-10 S 10 round magazines. they do work with the cz p-10 s 12 round magazines. THE +2 ADAPTER REPLACES STOCK MAGAZINE BASE AND MAGAZINE INSERT/LOCKING PLATE. THE REAR OF THE +2 ADAPTERS L SHAPED LOCKING PLATE/MAGAZINE INSERT THAT COMES WITH THE +2 ADAPTER NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED ON THE  REAR OUTSIDE OF THE MAGAZINE TUBE TO HOLD THE +2 ADAPTER ON.

They may work on other magazines. Generally these won't work on magazines with thin or metal floor plates. The +2 adapter is thicker and will prevent the magazine from locking into the magwell. They are wider than the Mec-Gar 2 adapters. 


  • Model: CZ P-09, P-10 C +2 545900000088
  • Manufactured by: CZ

David Fisher
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Great Service from Greg Cote. These +2 bases are great in fit and finish. Easy to install.
Reinhard Albuera
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Bought a total of 6 for my P-10S and F...easy to install and perfect fit. Cost much less than any aftermarket mag base extensions. Greg Cote processed my orders super fast and received them within 3 days. Thank you!!!
Todd Schimmel
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Greg Cote deserves customer business. CZ P-07 +2 base was as advertised, good price, and really fast shipping!