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Witness Small Frame, Fab 92, Springfield P9, Armscor MAPP1, Bul Cherokee (2005 or later) 9mm 10 RD Mec-Gar MGWIT9SF10B



EAA Witness - Tanfoglio full sized small frame or Fab 92 10 round 9mm Mec-Gar magazine with a blued finish MGWIT9SF10B. Fit the EAA Witness - Tanfoglio, Tanfoglio TA90 (Not for pre 88 series models, the pre B CZ 75 factory magazines should work in those) Arsenal Strike One, TZ-75, EAA Witness PS, Baby Desert Eagle III, Springfield Armory P9, Jericho 941 (built with Tanfoglio supplied parts, a Tanfoglio CZ 75B clone), ITM AT-84, Armscor MAP FS / Rock Island Map MS 9mm, Rock Island Armory MAPP FS/MS and the post 2005 production Bul Cherokee (polymer framed with the rail), Bul Cherokee Compact and Arsenal Strike One. I have been told that the pre-2005 Bul Cherokee (polymer framed with no rail) uses the CZ 75 B magazines.

This is the magazine you need for the full sized pistol with the small frame.The small framed metal EAA Withness/Tanfoglio and the EAA Witness PS (small frame polymer) pistols with the narrow magwell. If your pistol takes Witness magazine #101900 this is the magazine you need. The large frame metal and polymer pistols with the wider magwell take a different wider magazine that I also stock. Mec-Gar is now the OEM supplier of the Tanfoglio magazines and these magazines are Mec-Gar's aftermarket version of the factory magazine that they make. 

The magazine will function in the Arsenal Strike One however it won't hold the slide open after the last round.

A customer told me this magazines is compatible in the SPHINX/Phoenix pistols below and functions perfectly.





Does not fit in SPHINX 3000 older

How to determine if you need the Witness Large Frame or Small Frame magazines:

Prior to 2005 the EAA Witness was produced in both small frame and large frame configurations, depending on the caliber and frame material. The Witness Classics and EAA Witness pistols made prior to 2005 in either 9mm or .40 S&W take small frame magazines. The .38 Super, .45 acp and 10mm models are all considered large frame pistols. Witness P in full size, Witness Steel, Elite and the Xtreme line models made after 2005 take large frame magazines. However the EAA Witness P-S (small frame polymer) uses the small frame magazines. If your pistol takes the Witness magazine #101900 you need the small frame 9mm magazines. The small frame magazines are approximately 0.796” thick (side to side) and 1.25 long (front to back). The large frame magazines are approximately .843” thick (side to side) and 1.369 long (front to back). The large frame 9mm magazines have grooves down the sides of the magazine tube, the small frame 9mm magazines are smooth on the sides. The EAA Witness 9mm small frame magazines used to hold 16 rounds now both the EAA Witness 9mm small frame and large frame magazines hold 17 rounds. Neither the large or small frame .40 S&W magazine tubes have grooves on the sides of the magazine tubes. The small frame EAA Witness .40 S&W magazines hold 12 rounds and the EAA Witness .40 S&W large frame magazines hold 14 rounds.

Small Frames include all Witness PS, Witness Classics and firearms produced in 9mm or 40 S&W previous to the year 2005.

SKU'S that will fit this category:

999048 40sw Fullsize / Comp Slide

999044 9mm Fullsize / Comp Slide

999244 9mm Fullsize / Full Slide

999644 9mm Fullsize / Grey Ghost


Large Frame models include:

Witness P in Full Size, Compact, or P Carry

Witness Classic 2's, and late model (post 2005)

Witness Steel

Witness Elite and the entire Xtreme line of firearms.

All calibers in 10mm, .38 Super & .45acp are considered to be large frames regardless of the year it was produced.

Witness Elite & Xtreme Gold Teams, Limited’s require an Aluminum Base Pad in addition to a magazine. 


Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: 10 rounds

Coating: Blued

Follower: High-impact polymer

Tube: Heat treated carbon steel. Dimpled design accepts standard Mec-Gar floorplates, springs, and followers

Spring: High tensile music wire

Floorplate: High-impact polymer that sits flush with the pistol

SKU: MGWIT9SF10B — UPC: 765595750012

Constructed from certified carbon steel and features a heat treated housing and high-impact polymer or certified carbon steel follower and floorplate. The magazine spring is made of high strength type "D" music wire-the strongest wire available. TIG welding provides additional strength and a seamless finish. Each magazine surface is specially treated to ensure high corrosion resistance.


Mec-Gar is proud to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer of magazines to most of the prominent firearm manufacturers for the last 40 years including AMT - Armscor - Astra - Beretta Bernadelli - FN Browning - BUL - Charles Daly - Colt - CZ - IMI - Kel-Tec - Kimber - Llama - North American Arms - Remington - Sigarms - Smith & Wesson - Springfield Armory - STI - Standard Arms - Star - Steyr - Tanfoglio - Taurus - Walther


  • Model: MGWIT9SF10B
  • Manufactured by: MEC-GAR

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