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Witness - Tanfoglio Large Frame 10mm 16 RD Competition Match Grade Magazine with Aluminum +2 Adapter Mec-Gar MGWITLF1016M



Witness / Tanfoglio Large Frame 10mm 16 RD Competition Match Grade Magazine with Aluminum +2 Adapter Mec-Gar MGWITLF1016M.


Caliber: 10mmCompetition

Capacity: 16 rounds

Coating: Anti-Friction

Follower: High-impact polymer

Tube: Heat treated carbon steel

Spring: High tensile music wire

Floorplate: Black Aluminum Competition Floorplate

  • Anti-Friction coating allows for easy loading, reduced malfunctions, and superior anti-corrosion properties 

    SKU: MGWITLF1016M — UPC: 765595802803

  • Small Frames include all Witness PS, Witness Classics and firearms produced in 9mm or 40 S&W previous to the year 2005.

    SKU'S that will fit this category:

    999048 40sw Fullsize / Comp Slide

    999044 9mm Fullsize / Comp Slide

    999244 9mm Fullsize / Full Slide

    999644 9mm Fullsize / Grey Ghost


    Large Frame models include:

    Witness P in Full Size, Compact, or P Carry

    Witness Classic 2's, and late model (post 2005)

    Witness Steel

    Witness Elite and the entire Xtreme line of firearms.

    All calibers in 10mm, .38 Super & .45acp are considered to be large frames regardless of the year it was produced.

    Witness Elite & Xtreme Gold Teams, Limited’s require an Aluminum Base Pad in addition to a magazine. Constructed from certified carbon steel and features a heat treated housing and high-impact polymer or certified carbon steel follower and floorplate. The magazine spring is made of high strength type "D" music wire-the strongest wire available. TIG welding provides additional strength and a seamless finish. Each magazine surface is specially treated to ensure high corrosion resistance.

    Mec-Gar is proud to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer of magazines to most of the prominent firearm manufacturers for the last 40 years including AMT - Armscor - Astra - Beretta Bernadelli - FN Browning - BUL - Charles Daly - Colt - CZ - IMI - Kel-Tec - Kimber - Llama - North American Arms - Remington - Sigarms - Smith & Wesson - Springfield Armory - STI - Standard Arms - Star - Steyr - Tanfoglio - Taurus - Walther

  • Model: MGWITLF1016M
  • Manufactured by: MEC-GAR

John S.
5 of 5 Stars
5 stars because after you brace the mag on a solid surface and apply about 200 pounds of force with a sturdy mag loader you can indeed get 16 rounds into this mag. If MecGar had made the adapter just 2 or 3 mm longer it'd made a huge difference, maybe they couldn't because of some sport rules. It will take 16 so don't think it's defective when it seems to jam full at 14. I'm glad I only bought one, more would be a bear to load at the range, this will therefore only be used as a nightstand mag.